Welcome to Muff Ag Services

Muff Ag Services, located near Ventura, Iowa, is owned and operated by Andy & Hayley Muff. 

Muff Ag Services offers a complete line of Channel seed and crop protection products along with aerial spraying/application services, crop scouting, mapping and analysis for grain operations all across north Iowa. Our goal is to provide the best service and crop protection products available for our customers, along with services and information which make a difference in their operations.

Harvest Season Call Outs:
First off, thank you to everyone that came to our open house. We had a record attendance again this year with over 100 guests. We really appreciate your friendship and your business. 

FIELD OBSERVATIONS ~ I have attached below some info about problems I have been seeing in the fields. I am receiving a lot of questions regarding poor stalk quality and ear mold, along with fertility questions. Attached below are some tech sheets with good info. to help explain some of what I have been seeing. 

WEIGH WAGON ~ I want to remind everyone as we get into harvest, we have our weigh wagon and tester available to help get yield monitors set up if needed. Please do not hesitate to call and we will help however possible. Please give us a heads up when you would like us to be there. 

CLIMATE FIELDVIEW ~ Also, for those of you who are new to Climate Fieldview or want to purchase Climate we are setting up as planted maps for growers to overlay your hybrid and soil type yield this week, and if you need any assistance setting up and mounting your iPads please let us know. 

CHICKEN LITTER ~ In case you do not know, we have prices on chicken litter for fall application available, if you are interested please call. 

OCT 20 EARLY PAY DEADLINE ~ Finally, the first pay date of Oct 20 is rapidly approaching for Channel Seed. Please keep this in mind for the best prices on your seed for this year. 

I hope each of you has a bountiful and safe harvest season. Keep up to date on Muff Ag happenings by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Muff Ag Team: Hayley & Andy & Trae


Sarah Lundt Photography, Rockwell, IA

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Muff Ag Services, located between Garner and Ventura in north Iowa, and sometimes known as Muff Crop Services or Muff Seed Sales, is a north central Iowa seed corn business. As one of best north central Iowa seed corn companies and soybean seed companies, we do Syngenta seed corn sales, soybean seed sales, offer NK beans, and do Golden Harvest corn sales. Look to this Ventura seed company for your north central Iowa crop protection products, chemical sales, fertilizer sales, insecticide sales, and Travis Seed Tenders. We also offer, as your quality sales professional, detailed crop scouting services, field mapping with GPS, crop consulting, nitrogen placement consulting, and seed tender sales.