Crop Protection for North Central Iowa

ZERO PERCENT INTEREST ~ On approved credit lines through John Deere for Bayer and Syngenta crop protection products including application of Bayer products. This can be completely financed through John Deere Credit at 0% interest until November 30, 2017 with approved credit limits.


Prices are available now and will increase each month ~ We are truly Cash and Carry, meaning we order product after you order it. We do order bulk of some popular products for those in-season needs. Our warehouse is filling up with prepay orders from December and January. It is exciting for us to see all your packages arrive and to get them ready for you. It is like Christmas for us! We will begin delivery to you as soon as the weather is warm enough to do so. Please anticipate a call from us to see when it works best in your schedule for delivery.

Fungicides ~ proved to be profitable and many growers are making this a planned application, not just an in-season decision. Weed control is also very important as weeds adapt to herbicides, programs need to be adjusted to tackle those needs

ALL MAJOR CHEMICAL SUPPLIERS ~ We offer name brand and warranted products from all major chemical suppliers. Including herbicides, adjuvants, pre-emerge, post-emerge, insecticides, and fungicides.

 ~ We offer products in many different packaging to serve your needs. We also supply rental of pumps and meters for the bulk totes.

DELIVERY ~ We offer delivery and return of seed and crop protection products.

HELICOPTER SPRAYING ~ Muff Ag offers aerial spraying with great service and competitive pricing. We have had a great response to our early pay discount of $9.50. This past year we built a relationship with a reputable aerial spraying company and are excited to work with them again this year. Muff Ag Services contracts 800 gallon planes that are capable of carrying 400 acres per load! This ensures timely application which is critical during aerial season. Muff Ag Services uses the finest GPS to ensure the most accurate and dependable application around. Ask to see our as sprayed maps showing direct flight patterns over your farm for a guaranteed application.

FERTILIZER ~ This year we added fertilizer sales and have competitive prices on UAN 28%, UAN 32% and Chicken Litter for Spring delivery, please call for prices. 

RETURN POLICY: We accept returned items if these needs are met: Items must have been purchased from Muff Ag Services. All items must be returned by Sept. 15 of the current year. All seals on totes must not be broke. All jugs and bags must not be opened. All returns are subject to the Muff Ag owner’s discretion. Owners and Applicators are responsible for correct mixing and keeping the chemicals in the correct temperature and environment for the product. All broke or not returned totes, meters or pumps will be charged for replacement.

SERVICE or FINANCE CHARGES are applicable on past due accounts at the rate of 1.5% per month on amounts 30 days past due, which is equal to an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE of 18%. Such charges are shown as "FINANCE CHARGE". There is no FINANCE CHARGE if accounts are paid within 30 days.

Posted by Management 1/1/2015