Syngenta Seed for North Central Iowa

Syngenta is a global company that is 100% committed to agriculture! As the largest agribusiness company in the world, Syngenta invests more than $3.4 million per day in search of new and innovative crop solutions.  What this means to you, our client, is that when you do business with Syngenta, you know that your dollars are going to be used to create the next best technologies.  Not all companies can honestly say that.

The word is getting out that Syngenta's genetic and trait packages are the largest and most robust in the industry.  You may not already know, but Syngenta boasts the most traits brought to market over the past 10 years.  Check out our Syngenta products to learn more about our fantastic trait portfolio.


For questions or more information about Golden Harvest Corn, NK Soybeans, Enogen and Seed Treating, click on any of the tabs below, email or call us at 641-512-5759.



Golden Harvest Corn offers industry leading genetics combined with leading edge trait packages.  For more information on Golden Harvest corn and trial results in your area click here.


NK Soybeans offer the best trait and genetic packages in the industry along with the most advanced seed treatment programs available anywhere.  Soybeans for High pH, lighter soils, and highly productive soils combined with seed treatments like Clariva Complete which offers industry leading protection against  cyst nematodes makes NK soybeans a perfect option for any field.  For more info on NK soybeans click here.  For more info on Clariva Complete seed treatments click here.


Enogen is technology geared towards increasing the efficiency of Ethanol production.  Syngenta offers localized contracts with participating ethanol plants and a trial program for new growers to try the Enogen lineup.  Enogen offers a considerable premium for growing Enogen corn and complying with the program guidelines.  There are opportunities in North Central Iowa for a considerable premium for your corn acres with no yield or performance losses.  Please call for more info on Enogen or click here.


Muff Ag services recently purchased a USC LVP seed treater which offers a fully automated seed treatment system.  The LVP uses loss of weight seed treatment technology combined with a fully automated application system to assure you are getting the exact amount of treatment you expect on every seed.  For treatment of NK branded soybeans or any other soybeans you may have, we have the ability to apply Cruiser Max Vibrance, Clariva Complete, along with an inoculant.  For more info, please call us at 641-512-5759.